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PANDA Technologies
PANDA Technology is a small business that sells and maintains a variety of telephony hardware and software. Together, PANDA's owners and I created an internet strategy and a website concept to support their sales and marketing.

The graphics are my design and I wrote most of the copy. I implemented all the HTML, Flash, and JavaScript. The photography is from stock shots and the vendors' press photos, which I modified for PANDA's needs.

When Panda's owners wanted an eCommerce site, they called on me again. As before, I partnered with Panda's owners on strategy and concept, then wrote most of the copy, co-designed the site's graphical look with the company's owners, and implemented all the software and graphics. Further, I provided consulting to Panda to find and implement a cost-effective credit card processing solution and web hosting provider.

After three years, Panda and I replaced this "interim" graphical design with a new skin from a full-time graphical design team. Yet the underlying software that I originally wrote was largely unchanged.
My interim design:

Designer's re-design:

America's Best Cleaners
America's Best Cleaners old website was designed by a talented graphic artist who built the entire site as one Flash animation.

However, as much as they enjoyed the beauty of the site, the owners of the America's Best Cleaners association wanted a site that was more in keeping with traditional website design and value: easier to maintain; responsive to a browser's <BACK> and <FORWARD> buttons, multiple pages that could be bookmarked; etc.

I rewrote the site in HTML, Javascript, and PHP. As a result the new site:
  • Retains the original graphic "look". Flash still introduces the site and decorates each of the pages.
  • Adheres to traditional website design
  • All of the rapidly-changing information is database driven. The Locations and Sponsors pages, especially, receive all of their content from information stored in a MySQL database
  • Administrative pages provide complete control over the information in the database. A programmer is not needed when Affiliates, Sponsors, or Newsletters need to be added, deleted, or edited. Thus, a task that may have taken a programmer one hour to perform in the original design can now be done, easily, in half that time by administrative staff.
  • The PHP language is used to provide the Database connectivity and logic.

Flash, ActionScript, and MySQL database
The StarPuzzle demonstrates my ability to use Macromedia's Flash and ActionScript tools. I didn't invent this puzzle, but the software and graphics are all my design. This "simple" puzzle:
  • Uses a live MySQL database manage the sign-in information
  • Counts the triangles; a non-trivial task of computing the intersections of the lines and determining which lines form unique non-overlapping triangles.
  • Small - only 71 Kbytes
  • Highly portable - Running in 98% of the world's browsers

Flash, ActionScript, and MySQL database
The StarAnimal game demonstrates my ability to use Macromedia's Flash and ActionScript tools. This is a simple "Guess the Animal" game that nevertheless is:
  • Communicating with a live database to retrieve the animal information
  • Fully Interactive
  • Small - only 70 Kbytes
  • Highly portable - Running in 98% of the world's browsers

The Lifetime Clock demonstrates my ability to create and implement a web-based Java application, albeit trivial.

NOTE: Despite Java's popularity, I cannot recommend it to business clients who wish to use it for web-based programming, because Java Applets tend to be CPU intensive, memory (RAM) intensive, and disk space intensive. This is in addition to the problem of requiring each user have the correct version of the Java runtime libraries, and a modern enough browser and PC/Mac to run Java. For comparison, Lifetime Clock is roughly the same size as StarAnimal (70 Kbytes) but has far less functionality. Java has its place, but my experience shows me that Flash is often a better solution for typical web-based applications.

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