What's life without some fun?
Here are some fun things I've written. Give a click to explore.

Star Puzzle Star Puzzle Can you solve this puzzle? Just move the two red lines over the star to form 10 triangles. It's harder than it looks!
Apple Switch Ad Apple Switch Ad Recall those "I switched to Apple / Macintosh" advertisements? Well, being a Mac fan, I made an Ad of my own.
Line Item Vito
Line Item Vito
Line Item Vito is a cartoon I created about a perennially-freshman congressman.
Star Animal Star Animal The well-known guess-the-animal game. Like "20 Questions." But with a graphical twist. And the game learns the more you play it. Well, it will when it is finished. Until then, enjoy.
Under Construction
Lifetime Clock Lifetime Clock An unusual clock of my own design. This clock shows your age.

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